Vehicle Diagnostics

Isle of Man Dealer Level Vehicle Diagnostics

Today’s modern cars are all about electrics - from complex engine management systems to technical ABS & steering control modules. Vehicle diagnostics more than ever forms a vital part of your car care.

Gone are the days of the old school mechanic being able to see exactly what has broken in a car. We are now reliant on help from our diagnostic tools, but they are only tools, you still need a great deal of knowledge in electrics and the workings of the modern engine in today’s cars.

At Marbree Motors we have invested heavily into the necessary dealer level vehicle diagnostic computers and tools. We are fully qualified to identify the source of technical problems and to then carry out the necessary repairs to your car. In addition to the German models; BMW, Audi, VW, Mini, Seat and Skoda the workshop also has the latest diagnostic equipment for Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Vauxhall.