Marbree Motors (IOM) Ltd - Vehicle service, repair and diagnostics

Your Isle of Man vehicle servicing, repair and diagnostics auto specialist for quality dealer level standards at highly competitive prices. For all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles call Marbree Motors IOM today on 01624 623720 or 07624 480176.

About Us

Marbree Motors is a family run garage business which prides itself in customer care and satisfaction as recommended in the Isle of Man Best Business Guide.

Glenn has over 35 years experience in the motor trade and cater to vehicle service and repairs for all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

We know that not all customers are conversant with the modern combustion engine therefore we aim to give honest advice whenever needed. We will not carry out any work without prior approval from the customer.



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Marbree Motors Technical Tips

Technical Tips

Make sure your battery gets a full charge every year to ensure it is kept in tip top condition.

Tyres should be in good condition but in snow it’s advised to reduce pressure by 5ps for optimum grip.

Keep your tool kit up to date.

Check your jack and wheel brace regularly. Keep a can of tyre weld for punctures. Nothing worse than changing a tyre on a motorway or busy road, which can be dangerous and unnerving.

Keep warning triangles and beacons in the boot with a spare set of head, side & tail lamp bulbs.

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